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Our first month in Germany

We’ve officially been in Germany two and a half months. In some ways it feels like we have been here way longer than that. And in other ways it feels like we’ve barely been here two weeks! Although we are officially moved in (and almost completely set up!) in our new apartment, I thought it […]

Our first European roadtrip to Belgium & The Netherlands. We traveled with our two dogs and explored as much as we could be foot and FREE!

About three weeks ago we decided on a trip to Belgium & The Netherlands. It is close enough that we could drive with the dogs and would check a couple things off our European Bucket List. Plus everyone in Belgium and The Netherlands speaks English so it was really nice to finally be able to […]

Home Organization through baskets. Organize your living room, closets, and pantry by using baskets to help sort things.

This weekend I had a garage sale. I had big plans for it. I was going to make hundreds and buy all this stuff I wanted. That wunderlist app? the one I talked about a few weeks back? Yeah, that one. I used it to keep a list of all the things I wanted to […]

I have done 3 big things in this past year. Probably all things that, had you asked me three or four years ago, I would have told you weren’t likely to happen. Moving abroad. Listening to other’s stories…it has a way of challenging you. This post may contain affiliate links. That just means that if you purchase […]

The last few weeks have been hard. Like…really really hard. As most people know by now, we are moving! The official “yes” came mid April. Initially I was nothing but excited and ready for this change in our life story. It’s something we have been talking about, thinking about, praying about for a couple of […]

Things I will miss while we leave New Braunfels Texas and move to Regensburg Germany

The countdown is officially on. We move in four days. FOUR DAYS. Did you hear me? F-O-U-R-D-A-Y-S! I woke up this morning, after having a dream about finding a home for us to live in, and was like holy sh*t, it’s moving week. (I am sorry that this is the Lord’s Holy Day and I […]

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