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Our first European roadtrip to Belgium & The Netherlands. We traveled with our two dogs and explored as much as we could be foot and FREE!

About three weeks ago we decided on a trip to Belgium & The Netherlands. It is close enough that we could drive with the dogs and would check a couple things off our European Bucket List. Plus everyone in Belgium and The Netherlands speaks English so it was really nice to finally be able to […]

Hey there! It’s been a minute since I posted. I have been so busy maintaining my teacher blog that I don’t really find time for this guy here. But seeing as we had a SNOW DAY on Friday, I was determined to make the day full of things I WANTED to do instead of things […]

I am a sucker for planning, organizing, dreaming, goal setting- any of that kind of stuff! In 2018 I found a product that put all of that into one, amazing journal. I love setting goals with PowerSheets! You can get all the “Need to Know” info about PowerSheets right here! This post may contain affiliate […]

Our trip to Aarhus, Ribe, Copenhagen, and Sorø Denmark. As told through pictures.

One of our big goals while living in Europe is to see as much of it as we can in the short time we’re here. In August, we got to cross another country off our European bucket list! Today I am excited to share Denmark with you through my lens- here is Denmark Through Pictures. […]

Reflections on being an American expat in Germany.

We often get asked, by both our people back home and the friends we have made here, if we like it. If we are happy? It’s a complicated answer. It’s Too Much The quick answer is yes! I love life here! I love the slow. The calm. The break. For me, someone who is a […]

Fiesta Themed Party- Decoration and food ideas for a mexican themed party

This past week was my sisters graduation party. And in true Buchtien fashion, a party was in order! I think our family (and by family I mean the momma and sisters) enjoys prepping for the party just as much, if not more, than the actual party itself. Em decided on a Fiesta themed party and […]